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The LIVE Master Class Starts At 9 a.m.



Master the Art of Captivating Audiences:

Craft Your Signature Talk for Million-Dollar Success LIVE with Master Storyteller James Dentley!

(And Recession Proof Yourself In The Process...)

From the World's #1 Master Communications Expert Baron Sir Dr. James Dentley, III

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Master the Art of Selling and Catapult Your Revenue to Extraordinary Heights!...

Learn how to sell your programs and products from the stage and expand your community.

Join our 3-Day, Inspired 2 Speak

"Succeed Program"

The 3 day course is designed to help you:

  • Share your story and message

  • Create a powerful experience

  • Overcome fear and stand in your power

  • Learn the psychology of communication and wow your audience every time

  • and much much more


  • 3 Days of LIVE Interactive training.

  • pre and Post-Camp Sessions of intensive virtual training on the Psychology of Communication.

  • Learn the secrets to F-45 The art of stage mastering.

  • How to write and market your book.

  • Inspired2Speak workbook folder and laptop bag.

  • Learn personality profiles to capture the audience's attention.

  • Learn how to use your voice like a soundtrack of a move to create emotion

  • Learn how to overcome fear and become a master closer.

  • Learn the 7 principles of storytelling and building your talk.

  • How to develop joint venture opportunities.

  • How to get media exposure and master TV and radio interviews.

  • How to deliver a powerful keynote speech!

  • How to build and brand your 6-7 figure speaker/coaching business.

  • How to speak with power, passion, and rock your audience.

  • Receive Inspired2Speak Certification!

  • Be featured on our stages.

  • Guaranteed!!

  • Payment plans available.

Our 5-Day Action Camp is our Premium Intensive Course

The 5-Day course is designed to help you master:

  • Creating and selling your programs live or on line

  • Developing your program and irresistible offer

  • The art of closing the sale

  • How you create your events and build your community

  • Creating your marketing and branding system

  • Acquiring speaking opportunities

  • And much, much, much more

For the first time, I am combining the power of JD3TV’s "A.I. TV Celebrity Channel Strategy" with the

#1 Speaker Training Program in the world!



Hey there, folks! Sir Dr. James Dentley here,

Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and corporations have, for more than 30 years, hired me to teach them...

How to communicate with Confidence, and Clarity, and deliver a Clear, Concise Message.

Individuals and companies alike struggle to deliver clear communication that is not Boring, Confusing, or Inconsistent.

I help teach you how to Connect, Capture, and Close your ideal client.

The bottom line is, every time you open your mouth, you will create value and you will make money, and lots of it!

I would like to personally offer you an exclusive opportunity to unlock the secrets of creating the success you desire and even more!

Imaging converting anyone, from a chilly prospect to a raving fan, to a loyal customer and to a lifelong member of your community.

Mark your calendars for NOVEMBER 3rd-5th, 2023 because that's when the "Inspired 2 Speak Succeed" live is going down!

Get ready to experience a complete transformation like never before. This LIVE 3-day event is tailor-made to empower individuals like yourself to speak with power and passion and create a real measurable impact.

Here's what you'll learn during these 3 power-packed days:

Day 1: Psychology & Presence.

You will master the Psychology of capturing your audience like the soundtrack of a movie being present and connecting with your audience and how to create an experience with your story.

Day 2: Psychology and Ted Talk.

Learn how to master the stage and learn the secrets of influence, how to use your voice, and present your powerful message.

Day 3: Marketing, Branding and Certification.

We teach you the keys to your celebrity brand, how to attract your ideal client, and become a certified speaker.


Prior to and after the event you will receive 4 virtual coaching sessions a ($3,997 Value)


Lunch included every day

Branded computer bag

Comprehensive Inspired2Speak Workbook

Listen up! Your ability to transform dreams into reality solely rests on the choices you make and that's exactly why you need to join us at this phenomenal event. At the live event, you will move from being a good speaker to a great speaker and perhaps to a legendary speaker!

You will leave with video testimonials and opportunities to be interviewed on our JD3 Streaming platform Whether it be a TV show a podcast or maybe even both, you will be on your way to building a celebrity brand.

The techniques I'll be unveiling are tried, tested, and proven to work wonders. If you implement them correctly, they will give you an undeniable edge over your competition, paving the way for tremendous wealth, and revolutionizing your entire existence.

But remember, you must take that crucial first step and show up.

The doors are wide open, waiting for you to seize this opportunity!

Don't waste another second! Register for your 3-Day live "Inspired 2 Speak Succeed course" Full-Immersion live challenge ticket right now, because this incredible chance won't be around for long.

Don't miss your shot at discovering your true voice and breaking free from the limiting beliefs that have held you back. It's time to unleash your potential and start taking massive ACTION.

I'll be eagerly awaiting your arrival!

Yours truly,

Sir Dr. James Dentley, III

P.S. After your certification in our 3 day success course, if you're ready to build a 7 figure speaking career then "Inspired 2 Speak 5-day Action Camp" is exactly what you have been waiting for! For further information please email me directly at


Hilton Garden Inn-Chicago/Tinley Park

18335 LaGrange Road

Tinley Park, IL 60487

(708) 429-2266

Get ready to escape and join us at The Hilton Garden Inn-Chicago/Tinley Park. The resort features an indoor pool, a fitness center, and beautiful conference rooms.

We'll send you more details for booking a discounted stay rate during the event once you've registered!

FILL your calendar with speaking and coaching opportunities while growing your Sales, while growing your business to 6-7 figures on auto pilot!

The only True Measure of Success is Results... Real Results!

Introducing "Inspired 2 Speak Succeed" this game-changing program meticulously crafted by international sales and communications legend Sir Dr. James Dentley, III and his team of elite coaches. This comprehensive training is your gateway to becoming an unstoppable force in the world of live presenting & selling from stage.


Here's an example of the detail you will learn at the event to help you win

Voice with persuasive energy:

Imagine if you possessed the secrets to effortlessly converting anyone, yes, ANYONE, from a cold prospect into a loyal customer and raving fan.

Subliminal messaging: "Unlock the power of persuasion":

What if I told you that these secrets are within your reach? That you have the potential to become a master of conversion, leaving your competitors in awe.

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Get ready to discover the game-changing strategies during our exclusive event. I'm assembling an elite group of experts who will reveal the closely guarded techniques to skyrocket your conversion rates.

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Picture this: effortlessly captivating your audience, winning their trust, and turning them into lifelong customers, and turning them into raving fans It's not a dream—it's a reality waiting for you.

NLP messaging: "Visualize your success as a conversion maestro":

But wait, there's more! By attending our event, you'll gain access to invaluable resources and networking opportunities that will supercharge your journey to success.

Subliminal messaging: "Take action now for extraordinary results":

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to master the art of conversion. Reserve your spot today and step into a world where turning prospects into raving fans is second nature.

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Your future as a conversion expert starts here.

Visit our website, and secure your place at our event. Get ready to transform your business and become the go-to authority in your industry.

Subliminal messaging: "Embrace your power to convert":

See you soon, my friends! Together, we will unleash your untapped potential and dominate the world of as you become fully self expressed. Get ready for extraordinary success!

"James has proven the test of time as one of the masters of the stage"

"Rahul & The guys at the G$D taught a bunch of our guys how to market themselves better and they've got it figured out 100%"

James Dentley has been an inspiration to many people around the world. If I had to choose training between myself and James Dentley, I would choose James Dentley, because of the skills he can teach.

Les Brown


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